Disclaimer: The following information does not list all coverages, limits, or exclusions. For full coverages, limits, and exclusions. Please contact the Office of Risk Management for further information.

Catastrophic Auto Coverages (Physical Damage)

This policy covers university-owned autos for physical damage in the event of a catastrophic event such as hail, tornado, or earthquake. The deductible is $100,000.

Automobile Liability

The State of Tennessee self-insures all state entities including The University of Tennessee, for automobile liability. In accordance with T.C.A. 9-8-101, the limits of liability (under the waiver of sovereign immunity law) are $300,000 per person and $1 million per occurrence. This means people who use university vehicles in the scope of their employment or authorization to conduct university business are protected up to $1 million for negligence resulting in bodily injury and property damage to third parties. The vehicle operator must comply with state travel regulations, and when accidents occur notify the state police or other authorized law enforcement organization, and the Office of Risk Management. The state provides liability coverage for injury to third parties as long as the employee’s conduct was not (1) outside the scope of the employee’s employment; (2) willful, malicious, criminal, or involved personal gain; or (3) grossly negligent.