Yes, all accidents, while driving on UT business, must be reported to the driver’s supervisor, and to the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible. Accidents that involve injury to any person or property damage greater than minor scrapes must also be reported to the local law enforcement agency where the accident occurred. You and your supervisor need to contact the CorVel Workplace Injury and First Notice of Loss Call Center to report the workers’ compensation claim. Drivers and their supervisors are required to complete a written Drivers Report of Vehicle Accident and submit it to the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible after the accident.

Yes, the driver is responsible for all tickets received in University vehicles. Drivers are required to immediately notify their supervisor about citations received while driving on UT business.
While driving a personal vehicle on UT business, the owner of the vehicle’s insurance policy is primary. If the liability for an accident while driving on UT business exceeds the driver’s personal insurance limits, the excess financial liability shifts to UT through state insurance coverage. Because of this exposure, UT is required to ensure that drivers of personal vehicles carry required minimum liability insurance limits. If the employee is on authorized University business, and UT is paying the employee mileage, the state will reimburse the employee up to $500 towards their deductible.  This is called an Employee Property Damage Claim.  Please contact the Office of Risk Management for the required forms. If the employee’s action caused damage to a third party, the third party would have to file a tort claim with the State of Tennessee Department of Risk Management and Claims Administration for the State to process and determine negligence. Please contact the Office of Risk Management for the required forms.
No. There is no UT or state insurance coverage for loss or damage to personal property. If the individual incurring a loss believes that their loss or damage resulted from UT negligence, then the individual may make a liability claim against UT, in accordance with applicable Tennessee statutes for claims against public entities (TCA 9-8-101 et seq.). Please contact the Office of Risk Management for the required forms.
“Notify the local authorities and make a report and if it is a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention.  Let your immediate supervisor know of the accident and you and your supervisor need to contact the CorVel Workplace Injury & First Notice of Loss Call Center at 866-245-8588 and report the workers compensation claim.”  If you have rented the vehicle for University business, notify the Office of Risk Management of the accident and forward any communication you receive to the Office of Risk Management.  We will handle any claims that may arise from the accident.  We will verify with your supervisor whether or not you were on business travel at the time of the accident.  If you rented the vehicle through the State contract with National or Enterprise, no further action will need to take place.  If you did not rent through the State contract, your department will be charged for the first $1,000 of the damages (if there was no third party involved) with the Office of Risk Management Self-Insurance Fund paying the balance.
Authorized passengers in university vehicles are limited to university employees, registered volunteers, students and guests participating in university activities, and family members who are accompanying the employee on official travel. Only employees or registered volunteers are permitted to drive university vehicles, except mechanics in the normal course of providing repair services. When family members accompany an employee on official travel, the driver must ensure that the vehicle is used only for transportation in connection with the trip and that no additional expense is incurred for personal use
An insurance card is provided in the key case.