All property losses involving University-owned or leased property (buildings and/or content), regardless of the amount, are required to be reported immediately to the Office of Risk Management

*Please note that we are no longer using the Incident Report for property claims. We are now using the Property Loss Report

Initial Report

If immediate cleanup or water extraction is needed, contact the only approved remediation contractor, Belfor, at (800) 856-3333. Tell Belfor that you are with the State of TN account (They must be onsite within 3 hours of notification.)

If the estimated damage is over $75,000, please also email Michelle Crowder in Capital Projects at so she can contact the State Building Commission.

Upon notification, the Office of Risk Management will advise Sedgwick, the property insurance adjuster, and begin the claim process. The Office of Risk Management will work with Sedgwick, Belfor, the campus claim contact, and the departments impacted to obtain needed documentation.

After Notification

Please go ahead and clean up as quickly as possible in order to protect the property from further damage while Belfor is en route. Take photographs of all damage and do not discard anything until a Sedgewick adjuster arrives.

The university’s Property Loss Report, found on the Office of Risk Management’s website, must be completed and forwarded to the Office of Risk Management within 1 business day from the date of incident discovery.

Complete the Property Claim Packet and email Jennifer Lane at with whatever information you have available as soon as possible. The packet should be utilized to determine the damage to University-owned property. The items listed below should be included in the Property Claim Packet.

  • Photographs
  • Estimates or Invoices
  • Internal Work Orders
  • Police Reports
  • Original Purchase Invoices
  • Memos and other supporting documentation

Jennifer Lane