This research freezer loss control program is focused on reducing significant property losses that involve research specimens for the University of Tennessee, which is mandated by the Board of Claims approval pursuant to T.C.A. §9-8-108(a)(10). The program is designed to ensure the University of Tennessee identifies and implements controls with their critical research specimens that are stored in freezers for the purpose of preventing significant loss for research projects that are covered by the State of Tennessee’s Property Program. Furthermore, failing to implement and submit a schedule of freezers to the UT System Office of Risk Management may result in a denial from the State of Tennessee of any future property research specimen claims.


Data collection

Each campus and/or institute must capture and submit all identifying freezer information, regardless of freezer value or content value, if it contains research materials. All fields must be completed. Use of “zero-dollar value,” “cannot be determined,” and/or “N/A” phrases will not be accepted; there must be an estimated dollar value in the freezer and content spreadsheet columns. The spreadsheet will be returned to the user if all fields are not completed. If responsible freezer owner(s)/manager(s) needs assistance in estimating a reasonable freezer and content value, please contact your Office or Division of Research.

  • Freezer loss control checklist
    • The Freezer Loss Control Checklist should be reviewed by all responsible freezer owners/managers. Provided by the State, this document provides best practice recommendations for capturing and reporting freezer information. All responsible freezer owners/managers must read this.
    • Access this form here: Freezer Loss Control Checklist
  • Freezer audit data collection sheet
    • The Freezer Audit Data Collection Sheet must be completed and kept on file within the freezer owner’s department. This document captures freezer location, description, set-up/operation, and contents valuation, which should be transferred to the Critical Freezer Register Inventory Spreadsheet below. In the event of a loss, the State will require this document.
    • Access this form here: FreezerAudit – Data Collection Sheet
  • Critical freezer register inventory spreadsheet
    • The Critical Freezer Register Inventory Spreadsheet must be submitted annually to the appropriate campus contact who is required to submit the document to the System Office of Risk Management. This is routed to the State’s Division of Claims and Risk Management.
    • Access this form here: Critical Freezer Register_Inventory Spreadsheet