The State of Tennessee self-insures The University of Tennessee for automobile liability.

This means people who use university vehicles in the scope of their employment or authorization to conduct university business are protected up to $1 million per occurrence for negligence resulting in bodily injury and property damage to third parties.

The state provides liability coverage for injury to third parties as long as the employee’s conduct was not (1) outside the scope of the employee’s employment; (2) willful, malicious, criminal, or involved personal gain; or (3) grossly negligent.


To avoid a $1000.00 penalty to your department:
All accidents must be reported to the State of TN Auto Accident Call Center within 24 hours if there is a third-party involved.

At the Scene of an Accident:

  1. Never admit fault to anyone and/or offer to pay for any loss incurred by another party resulting from the accident.
  2. Call 911 for medical attention and a police report.
  3. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved
    • Obtain contact (name, address, phone number) information of every witness.
  4. If the vehicle is towed from the accident scene, determine where the vehicle will be taken and what may be necessary to retrieve the vehicle.
  5. Take clear photos of all vehicles involved.

After an Accident (Reporting):

  1. Call the State of TN Auto Accident Call Center (855-253-0629) immediately to report the incident, then call your supervisor and follow your department’s applicable procedures.

Be prepared to provide the following information to the Call Center:

    • Incident date, time, and location.
    • University driver’s name, phone number, and email.
    • Any/all other drivers’ names and phone numbers, plus emails if available.
    • Any other involved passengers’ names and phone numbers, plus emails if available.
    • Vehicle information for all vehicles, including license plate number and/or VIN.
    • Your supervisor’s name, phone number, or other contact information.
    • Confirm if any fatalities or non-fatal injuries occurred.


2. Report to Office of Risk Management by using the Origami portal button below

For those driving a personal vehicle on University business, you may have to complete the Owner/Driver Vehicle Accident Report.

Button for auto accident portal link


If you hit an unoccupied vehicle:

  1. Fill out a Damage Notification Card and leave it on the unoccupied vehicle.
  2. Call the State of TN Auto Accident Call Center immediately at 855-253-0629 with the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as any additional information you may have.
  3. Take photos of both vehicles, as well as the license plate and VIN tag of the other vehicle (on the driver-side dash, near the windshield).