All property losses involving University-owned or leased property (buildings and/or content), regardless of the amount, are required to be reported immediately to the Office of Risk Management.

Initial Report

  • For cleanup or water extraction, contact the only approved remediation contractor, Belfor, at (800) 856-3333. Tell Belfor that you are with the State of TN account; they must be onsite within 3 hours of notification.
  • Notify the Office of Risk Management via the Origami Portal below. We will work with Belfor, Sedgwick (the property insurance adjuster), and the impacted departments to obtain needed documentation.
    • If the estimated damage is over $100,000, Capital Projects will be notified so someone can contact the State Building Commission.

Button with property loss portal link

After Notification

  • Please go ahead and clean up as quickly as possible in order to protect the property from further damage while Belfor is en route. Do not discard anything until a Sedgewick adjuster arrives.
  • Complete the Property Claim Packet with whatever information you have available as soon as possible. The packet should be utilized to determine the damage to University-owned property. The items listed below should be included in the Property Claim Packet.
    • Photographs
    • Estimates or Invoices
    • Internal Work Orders
    • Police Reports
    • Original Purchase Invoices
    • Memos and other supporting documentation