A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is an official document providing the essential details of The University of Tennessee’s insurance coverages and limits to an outside organization. Outside organizations typically request a certificate of insurance when:

  • The University has a written contract that requires insurance
  • The University is holding an event or activity at an off-campus location

The University of Tennessee, as an agency of the State of Tennessee, self-insures its exposures in general liability, professional malpractice, and workers’ compensation. The limits of liability for general liability, professional malpractice, and automobile liability are $300,000 per person and $1 million per occurrence. The limits of liability under workers’ compensation are those set forth in T.C.A. 50-6-101 et seq.

As a public agency, the University is not permitted to add other entities as additional insureds to the State’s self-insurance comprehensive liability program, nor can we provide contractual liability coverage that would assume contractual indemnification or hold harmless provisions.

A request for a Certificate of Insurance must be submitted electronically by a University employee only. Accompanying this request should be a copy of any agreement between the outside organization and the University of Tennessee if available. All contracts or agreements must go through the proper university contract review process before submitting the request for the COI.

Note: Please allow time for a review of your request. Depending on the volume received, please allow 1 business day for review to be completed.