Insurance types and limits, certificates, and bonding recommendations for procurements at the University of Tennessee

Disclaimer: These Insurance and Bonding Guidelines are not intended to cover all possible issues relating to insurance or bond requirements for the University. Instead, they are intended to provide general guidelines on these topics. If there is a conflict between the Guidelines and any University policy or applicable law/regulation, the policy or law/regulation will control.

The Guidelines are not intended for the use or benefit of anyone outside the University. The University’s bidders, vendors, contractors, or other third parties should not rely upon the Guidelines when interacting with the University. The information contained in the Guidelines should not be considered legal, accounting, or other advice for anyone outside the University. The Guidelines are intended solely for internal University use and do not create any third-party rights, benefits, claims, or causes of action for parties outside the University.

Please check back for revisions, we try our best to update the guidelines once or twice a year.  If you are working on a contract that doesn’t fit any of the categories listed, please email Pamela Jeffreys at for guidance.

Insurance and Bonding Guidelines, Revised March 2022