The University of Tennessee System Office of Risk Management is notifying all campus personnel to immediately begin utilizing (855) 253-0629 to report any incidents (non-work related) involving faculty, staff, students or visitors.
Some examples of these claims are:
• Negligent Care & Control of Property
• Dangerous Conditions on State/University Property resulting in injury.
• Negligent Operation of a Vehicle

Our former Incident Report form will no longer be required. The incidents to be reported include (but are not limited to) student or visitor incidents, personal property damage, near misses, etc. This information will be captured by CorVel and tracked for use in investigations if a citizen files a claim for damages, as well as for reporting capabilities for the campuses.


All claims against the University of Tennessee are adjudicated by the State of TN Division of Claims: Citizens wishing to file a claim for their damages/injuries will need to access the Treasury web portal located at:

Contact Person: 

Jennifer Lane