Disclaimer: The following information does not list all coverages, limits or exclusions. For full coverages, limits, and exclusions please contact the Office of Risk Management.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury, Division of Claims Administration Workers’ Compensation Program contracts with a third-party administrator for the processing of workers’ compensation claims and provides managed-care services to all university employees who are injured while performing their daily work duties. The current third-party administrator, Corvel, administers a provider network for medical treatment to ensure the best quality care for assisting injured employees with their recovery process. Managed-care services also provide 24/7 nurse triage, pre-certification for inpatient hospital care, bill review, large case management, and other services to appropriately manage the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

The state’s goals are to assist the injured employee with their recovery process, to provide access to exceptional medical services and providers, and to ensure excellent customer service during the entire workers’ compensation process.


Workers’ Compensation Claim Procedures


Step 1: Injured Worker Reports Injury

1. BEFORE SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT, report the injury to CorVel

  • 1-866-245-8588, Option 1
  • This is a 24/7 Nurse Line
  • The NURSE determines the appropriate level of treatment needed and will direct you to the nearest STATE APPROVED treatment facility
  • DO NOT go to the doctor before you call CorVel!


  • Exactly what happened, how it happened, and if Corvel advises you to get medical treatment.

The Tennessee Division of Claims Administration has notified us of their intent to assess a monetary departmental penalty each time an injured worker seeks non-emergency medical treatment prior to reporting their injury to CorVel.

Step 2: Supervisor/Designee Follows up

If the injured worker received medical treatment, the Supervisor/Designee must also call CorVel.

  • 1-866-245-8588, Option 2
  • The purpose of this call is one of the following:
    • To complete the First Notice of Loss (FNOL), or
    • To report the injury if the injured worker is unable to do so.

The Tennessee Division of Claims Administration will assess a $1,000 departmental penalty if the FNOL is not completed within 7 calendar days after the claim has been reported to CorVel.

Step 3: Forms

1. Workers’ Compensation Procedures

2. Workers’ Compensation Injury Report:

To be completed by the injured worker, supervisor or reporting designee.

Please be specific (cut right thumb, bruised left ankle, etc.) and clear about the description (injured low back when I slipped and fell on ice in parking lot).

3. Lost Time/Return to Work Calendar:

Record the date of the injury and everyday thereafter until the injured worker has been returned to full duty by the treating physician.

Report all absences related to the injury, even if no medical treatment was received.

4. Transitional Duty Plan:

To be completed ONLY if the injured worker is given light duty restrictions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Angie Robinette at angier@utk.edu or 865-974-0980.


Return To Work Program

In July 2016, the University of Tennessee and the State of Tennessee implemented a Return to Work (RTW) program. This program is designed to assist injured employees in their return to meaningful, productive employment as quickly as possible. The department in which the injured employee works will coordinate with Human Resources, the Office of Risk Management, Corvel and the injured employee to design a modified work plan in order to return the employee to work. For more information, please refer to HR0398 – Transitional Duty/Return to Work Program.