All University of Tennessee employees in an active paid status qualify for benefits through the Workers’ Compensation Program and must follow all UT and State of TN requirements.
Active Paid Employees are defined as: Full-time; Part-time; GRAs; GTAs; GMEs; Student Assistants and Temporary Workers who receive pay from UT.
STUDENTS: If you are a student and the injury did not occur while you were in the course and scope of your paid position, please click here to complete an incident report.


Life-Threatening or Serious Bodily Injury – Immediately Call 911 or Go to the Nearest Emergency Room!


Report the Injury

  • If an injured worker is unable to report the injury, the injured worker’s supervisor must immediately report the injury to 1-866-245-8588, Option 1
  • If a work injury is Life-Threatening or results in Serious Bodily Injury, it will need to be reported to the Office of Risk Management at 865-974-5409 or and your campus Safety Officer.


Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Injured Worker

Report the injury

  • Injured Workers will report the injury to their supervisor and CorVel
    • 1-866-245-8588 Option 1 (24/7 Nurse Triage Line)
    • The triage nurse will discuss the appropriate level of treatment needed and direct the injured worker to the nearest State of TN authorized treating physician
    • If the injured worker agrees to self-care but later changes their mind, they must first call CorVel 1-866-245-8588 Option 1 to obtain authorization to treat
  • Do Not Seek Any Type of Treatment from a Physician Prior to Reporting the Injury to CorVel (*see below)

*The TN Division of Claims and Risk Management will assess a $500 departmental penalty each time an injured worker seeks non-emergency medical treatment prior to reporting the injury to CorVel.

NOTE: CorVel offers a PPO Lookup website to assist in locating the closest State of TN-authorized treating physician. This link will allow the injured worker to locate a physician or facility via zip code, city/state, and within a certain radius of their current location. This PPO Lookup website does not replace the requirement to call CorVel to report the injury. All injuries must be reported to CorVel to avoid the penalty.

All injuries require paperwork completion

Complete the Required Paperwork

Complete only if the employee is take off work by an authorized treating physician

Provide all applicable paperwork listed above to your campus Workers’ Compensation Coordinator. If you do not know who your campus Workers’ Compensation Coordinator is, please contact your campus HR Department or the Office of Risk Management at 865-974-5409

*Required paperwork must be turned in to the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours of injury


Workers’ compensation coverage provides benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness that is specifically and clearly caused while the employee is in the course and scope of their employment.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury, Division of Claims and Risk Management contracts with a third-party administrator (CorVel) for the processing of workers’ compensation claims and managed-care services. CorVel provides a 24/7 nurse triage phone line, pre-certification for inpatient hospital care, bill review, large case management, and other services to appropriately manage the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

For an injury to be compensable under Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law, employees must prove an injury “arising primarily out of, and in the course and scope of, employment.” An investigation by CorVel will be completed to determine if the claim is compensable.

All claim decisions are made by CorVel and/or the TN Division of Claims and Risk Management.

The University of Tennessee cannot alter or change any of these decisions, rules, or regulations.


Any employee exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace who believes their exposure was a result of their employment, should report it to CorVel. The reporting procedures are the same as for other claims. A determination will be made by CorVel regarding if the employee’s assigned daily work duties and service heighten their risk of exposure to COVID-19.


A University of Tennessee employee who is performing their work responsibilities at an alternate work location, as approved by their supervisor, may be eligible for UT’s workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation coverage is for work-related injuries that occur specifically and clearly in the course and scope of employment.

An employee injured at their home or work location, who believes an injury is a result of their employment, should report it to CorVel. An investigation will be completed by CorVel to determine compensability.


Injuries must be reported to CorVel within (3) business days (*see below)

*The TN Division of Claims and Risk Management will assess a $500 departmental penalty each time an employee or employer does not report a work injury within (3) business days after sustaining that injury or when an employee seeks medical treatment (unless it is an emergency) prior to calling CorVel. 


In July 2016, the University of Tennessee and the State of Tennessee implemented a Return to Work (RTW) program. This program is designed to assist injured worker(s) in their return to meaningful, productive, employment as quickly as possible. The department in which the injured worker(s) is assigned will coordinate with Human Resources, the Office of Risk Management, CorVel, and the injured worker(s) to design a modified work plan, if applicable. For more information, please refer to HR0398 – Transitional Duty/Return to Work Program.


If you have any questions about the process, please contact the UT System Office of Risk Management at 865-974-5409 or